Monday, June 17, 2013

An Interview with Miss Panoramaland 2012, Ciera Pekarcik

Ciera was named Miss Panoramaland earlier this year and has since done a phenomenal job representing her title and preparing for Miss Utah. She is outgoing, charming, and very well prepared for this year's competition. We are so proud of her and all that she has done to promote her platform and represent Miss Panoramaland.

We would like you to get to know her a little better as she heads to the 2013 Miss Utah Pageant week tomorrow morning.

What is your platform and why did you choose it? My platform is “Child Sexual Abuse: Recognition and Recovery”. At a young age, I faced the struggle of confronting sexual abuse. With the help of my family, friends, and faith, I was able to overcome that adversity. I am determined to defend, support, and empower the victims of child sexual abuse and look forward to enacting this and other policies while setting a positive example as Miss Panoramaland.
How have you been promoting your platform?
I have sat on the Friends Board at Children’s Justice Center for over 4 years. The Children’s Justice Center (also known as the CJC) provides a child-friendly atmosphere designed to help children feel safe and comfortable while they are being interviewed regarding alleged abuse. Audio and video equipment is used to preserve the interview for evidence and eliminate the need for multiple interviews. Recently we had our open house to promote awareness as well as our annual bike sale to raise funds. We made over $7,000 at this event ($2,000 more than last year!). My favorite event will be taking place June 8th. It is an annual golf tournament and it’s a blast! I look forward to that event every year.

What has thus far been the best part of your time as Miss Panoramaland?
I haven’t been Miss Panoramaland terribly long, but I am enjoying getting to know this incredible committee that loves all the young ladies they work with and the Miss America Organization as a whole. It is fascinating to see how much one person can change the world of so many others. I am trying to use their example in my daily life to better the world around me like they have bettered my life.
Are you getting excited for Miss Utah?
I really enjoy the comradery that you experience with all the other driven young ladies at Miss Utah week. It is so spectacular that we are such a talented state, yet each young lady has such a friendly kind soul – it keeps the competition a positive environment where everyone truly wants each other to excel and do their best. I also can wait to perform my talent number one Wednesday night. I will be singing “Via Dolorosa”. I love the song and can’t wait to look for my dad in the audience when I sing it.
What is your favorite thing about preparing for such a big event?
I enjoy how you have to focus on being the most balanced version of who you are. You are constantly developing every area of life - emotionally, physically and mentally. This program is formulated so that you stay true and loyal to whom you naturally are as a person, you are just given a golden path way to reach for your own unique potential. I love that feeling of stepping out of my comfort zone to be a better you in the end.

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